Taylor Grrenthal, FounderĀ The Collective

Taylor is currently a student at Oberlin College pursuing Honors in Theatre (Directing) with a minor in Economics. She is interested in developing new business models for producing and consuming live theatre that supports young artists and encourages new, intermedial work. At Oberlin, she is a director, managing assistant and student representative for the Theatre Department. She also captains The Sunshine Scouts, a musical long-form improv troupe and is a writer, performer, and video editor for the all-female sketch comedy group, Deep South. She serves as the president of the Improv Coalition, organizing the annual Oberlin College Improv Conference. In 2012, she organized CLAIM Your Arts, an arts education advocacy conference for high schoolers in the Bay Area. She is an editor of As I Am, an Asian American/Pacific Islander Diaspora literary magazine, and an organizer of the Asia America Art Collective. This spring she will be producing a new comedy talk-show, Eat, Pray, Luke.