The recipients of Fall 2015 XARTS Fund awards have just been announced. The XARTS Fund supports the development and execution of collaborative, multi-disciplinary, artistic projects to be implemented during winter term by students in both the College of Arts & Sciences and the Conservatory of Music. Three outstanding Oberlin student projects were selected to receive financial support:

Fin is an interactive multimedia piece that tells the story of our planet’s incredible, yet seldom considered, network of food manufacturing.

“Meditation on Media in Oberlin and London” is an interactive installation that will investigate the impact of cross-disciplinary media in two distinct locations.

I Do It So It Feels Like Hell is an exploration of writing, mental illness, womanhood, and the disconnect between artist and art, demonstrated through the life and works of poet and novelist Sylvia Plath.

For additional information about each project and its student team members, please visit the linked venture pages.