The recipients of Fall 2015 Flint Initiative Grant (FIG) awards have just been announced. Flint Initiative Grants provide innovative, motivated, and prepared Conservatory and Double-Degree students opportunities to develop imaginative artistic projects to be implemented during winter term. Four outstanding Oberlin student projects were selected to receive financial support:

Senior Leo Harrington will explore the “Pedagogies of Recovery” as he examines how music teachers can best help students recover from performance injuries.

Judy Jackson will look at how the byte structure of a music file can affect its sound in a project called “Standardizing Glitch Audio.”

Third-year Torrin Hallet will attend a camp for string orchestra composers and professionally record and mix his finished composition.

Second-year Mohit Dubey will serve as project coordinator for the Clippert Revival Orchestra, a program to restart the music program at Clippert Academy in Detroit, Michigan.

For additional information about each project and its student team members, please visit the linked pages.