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Zach Resnick

Zach Resnick


When is the last time you went abroad without a cell phone? At home it’s easy to take our constant access to data for granted. We use navigation apps to get where we need to go, we’re checking our email when on the move, and never dining out without checking reviews first. But internationally this is a very expensive habit! Until now, there has never been a hassle-free solution to this costly problem. Changing mobile phone settings to minimize data usage is a cumbersome process that is hard to do correctly. LAND eliminates the headache of trying to navigate changes to multiple settings in order to minimize data usage and alleviate the uncertainty of paying more for data than intended.


LAND is a mobile app that optimizes smartphone settings for international travel in one click.

  • Track Data Usage
  • Stop Unwanted International Calls/Texts
  • Automate Settings For Ideal Data Usage

Ignition Fund Recipient, Fall 2015 and Spring 2016