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Dean Ginsberg

Program Associate Oberlin College Creativity and Leadership ProgramOberlin, Ohio

Personal Statement:

“The time to go into a new business is when it’s badly run by others.” – Richard Branson 

My Career:

While in Oberlin I majored in Economics and History and started two of the businesses that I now run — BinStored and ShuttleHome. After I graduated I moved back home to NYC and worked part-time in two very different companies: TechCity Properties and TrustCloud. TechCity is a real estate development company focused on the revitalization of a 2.5 million square foot mixed use industrial space in Kingston New York. TrustCloud is  a universal, low friction, trust solution for the P2P industry (P2P means peer-to-peer as in Ebay or AirBnB or my personal favorite Bookalokal!) After participating in LaunchU last year I was offered a position working in the Creativity and Leadership Program at Oberlin College. I was reluctant to move away from my home in New York and back to the cocoon that is Oberlin but it was definitely the right decision. I’ve had the opportunity to help the students with their ventures from day one and I took on fun and challenging projects like creating the new LaunchU logo and the website that you are on right now!

BinStored LLC

Finals week is a hectic time of year in the oasis that is Oberlin College. Students are usually slammed with papers and tests, and they’re emotional about losing their 4th and 5th year classmates to the abyss that is the “real-world”. On top of all of that, somewhere way in the back of their head, they’re panicking because they no idea how they are going to get all of their stuff out of their dorm before ResEd kicks them out the morning after their last final. This is where BinStored comes in: BinStored takes care of all of the students’ summer storage needs, because, simply put, finals period is for studying.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Students register online at
  2. During finals week we set up a drop off station outside of their dorm room where they can pick up five storage bins at no cost with no commitment. Why five bins? Because figuring out how many bins you need for your room is kind of like figuring out how many diapers you need for your baby — long story short, it’s always best to have some extras.
  3. Once the students are packed up they bring their bin to the conveniently located drop off station. They are charged for the bins that they used and we put them on the truck for storage.
  4. They’re stuff is stored in our off campus storage facility for the summer and returned to their new dorm in the fall.

After going through LaunchU last January, this summer was BinStored’s first year in operation. We launched at Oberlin and the service was a big hit. With our model proven on one campus we are ready to take our next leap of faith and expand at Kent State University and Ohio State University this year. If anybody has connections to students or administrators at either school please let us know!


ShuttleHome is a coach bus service that provides students and faculty with convenient, comfortable, and affordable transportation to major cities during school breaks. Every year students pay thousands of dollars to fly home with strangers — we allow them to save that money and enjoy a safe travel experience that connects them with their classmates.

Check out our website at

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