Events - Oberlin College LaunchU


LaunchU Food Entrepreneur Showcase & Reception

Oberlin College Sky Bar

Sunday, May 25th at 4:30pm!

Come join Oberlin’s entrepreneurial community as we enjoy the great local food and listen to the startup stories of our Oberlin entrepreneurs.

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Featured Tables: 

Susty Party 

Creates eco-friendly compostable, sustainable, disposable party tableware that is made in America.

Vermillion Valley Vineyards

Promotes responsible land-use and building practices while producing exceptional wines.

Muskoka Food Co. 

Oberlin College senior, Shauna Godfrey, prepares sauces, breads, dips, and more for the Muskokoa region of Ontario Canada.

Slow Train Coffee House and Music Cafe 

Partners with local roasters to curate geographic and variety coffee.

Ohio Farm Direct 

Uses locally sourced ingredients to grow a more sustainable local economy.


RSVP for LaunchU 2015


Applications due November 9th, 2014


Congratulations to the winners of the 2014 LaunchU Pitch Competition:


2014 LaunchU Accelerator

$15,000 Venture-Development Award

Chai Energy
Cole Hershkowitz ’11

Runner Up: 
Immortal Woodshed
Glen Gerbush ’12, Jakob Hochendoner ’12, Isaac Yoder ’13


2014 LaunchU IdeaLab

$1500 Ignition Grant
to support the next phase of business-model development and protoyping

Henry Harboe ’15Thomas Kreek ’16Prakash Paudel ’15

Runner Up: 
Kyle Aungst ’13

$1000 MindCamp Scholarship
to an individual student demonstrating particular entrepreneurial proclivity and promise

Candid Music Group
Gabriel Simon ’17